Our History

We're a family operated firm since 1947 intent on creating an outstanding advertising solutions for our clients. Today’s focus remains the same.

At that time, Citizen Screen was known as Citizen Studio & Engravers. It was specialized in block, colour separation, common seals, copper signs and badges. In 1967, the Company embarked on a new venture by going into the manual silkscreen printing for posters, stickers, signboards and mock-ups for exhibitions; beside other below the line advertising.

Screen printing in Malaysia was still in its infancy in the 1970s when Citizen stepped into it. The Company saw its potential in the market from that of an artistic recreation, to a commercial, technical industry. This insight was put to good use with the Company moving on from block making to screen printing and multi sheet production. The change provided us an excellent chance to catch up with advanced nations like America and Europe in screen printing.

The year 1985 marked the start of a new era of modern technology with the implementation of a dynamic screen printing production expansion program. Since they, we have been providing full range of service to our clients; from finished art production, colour separation and printing film production to final screen printing for both indoor and outdoor advertising.

We look forward to continuing this legacy into the future.


(Chan Sow Lin,KL)


Desa Tun Razak





Our Vision

Every day we strive to deliver brand experiences that convert shoppers into customers. From establishment of most modern facilities’ to the acquisition of the finest printing equipment and software available, Citizen’s dedication to quality, innovation and integrity keep us on the cutting edge of technological advances. By embracing lean manufacturing processes, we are able to deliver excellent results that also drive down costs for our clients. We look forward to continuing this legacy into the future.



At Citizen, we believe it is our responsibility to be leaders in the use and promotion of sustainable practices and sourcing. Our integrated business model helps reduce our carbon footprint and provides a safer environment for our employees and our community.

Eco-Friendly Printing: Apart from installing UV and Latex printers which are less harmful to the environment. We strive to reduce the impact on nature by adopting technology and materials that are less harmful to the environment even though it gives us a competitive disadvantage in terms of pricing. In fact, 60% of our printers are green printers. We also try to use 100% green media wherever possible.

Green Practices: We consciously make it a point to cover at least 20% of our premise with plants and trees. Besides that, everything from office paper, plastic, and wooden pallets to metal, film, cardboard and electronic waste is recycled or re-purposed, reducing our impact and diverting hundreds of thousands of pounds of waste from landfills.