Screen Printing

Citizen Screen is a recognized pioneer in the printing industry, with many of its innovations serving as the foundation for printing methods still employed to this very day. Screen printing is one of our main areas of specialization, and we deliver these services with quality and professionalism that our clients have come to expect from a proven industry leader.

Benefits of Screen Printing

Screen printing provides a number of benefits, including quality, durability, versatility and profitability, making it a more feasible alternative to other types of printing processes. It provides good quality, yielding better colours results and higher production speeds on a variety of different substrates.

Screen printing allows for heavier ink coverage, producing superior image quality and tends to be more forgiving for each type of material on which the ink is applied. It is versatile enough to work with most any material, with a quality that would be impossible with even costlier printing processes.

Screen printing is a more cost effective option that most other types of printing processes. This is especially true with large printing jobs, where in the cost per print actually lessens the more prints are made. For projects that require a large number of prints, screen printing is the most feasible choice.

Screen printing offers a wide range of options with regard to the size of the final print. From the smallest designs to the largest, screen printing has proven to be effective at producing satisfactory results. It could also be used to apply designs on different shaped objects, greatly adding to its versatility.

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The Screen Printing Process

Screen printing essentially involves the application of ink onto a screen, with a stencil placed to block ink from covering specific areas. This is the preferred printing method of commercial printing firms and DIY printers for regenerating styles and designs on surface materials such as plastic and fabric. Also commonly known as “silk screening”, screen printing is one of the most commonly available forms of printing today due to its relatively low cost and flexibility.

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